There are a few different starting point depending on season and how the seedling is grown.

Seedlings obtained before overwintering

Until spring, keep the pot without being exposed to the cold. It is good to put it in a simple greenhouse made by processing a large plastic bottle (PET bottle) and ensure temperature and sun light at a sunny place in the daytime. Put the rice husks and saw dust, shredded newspaper etc on the soil of the pot. You can prevent the sudden drying of the soil. When the sun goes down, be sure to get it into the room. Sunny windows are also effective for raising seedlings. When spring comes, proceed to next.

Seedlings obtained over winter are obtained in early spring

If grown in a greenhouse, it may have green solid leaves. After you obtained it, it will be transplanted in a large bowl, preferably a pot with a depth if possible, around April. There is a cold day of around 10 degrees suddenly at this season, but if you take the plant out at that time, the leaves may get damaged and leaves may fall within a few days. This is not uncommon. At this time, make sure that new shoots are growing. If the new shoots are growing, the plant is fine, so don’t give up, and be careful about the excess watering, and keep them in a warm place.

Obtained seedlings once overwintered

Since you do not have to worry about cold, transfer it to a large pot, give enough water, and grow it in a semi-shade with a few hours of direct sun light or in sunny place. Although some people who are noisy in cultivation do not proceed with transplanting in the summer, if there are healthy leaves, there is sufficient power of the plant, so it may be an excessive concern to refrain from transplanting.