Let’s prune curry leaf

apical dominance

Apparent-dominant state The leaves are thickened at the branch tip
Although it is a less conscious pruning, even in curry leaf cultivation, proper pruning is also beneficial for the stock.

Curry leaf is not an exception and is apical dominance. When leaves and branches are damaged in winter, they fall from the trunk, and new shoots form at the tip of the trunk. As a result, the leaves grow thick only at the end of the stalk and the tree looks worse.

Therefore, let’s aim at putting together the figure of the tree while making the stock firm by cutting down branches and strongly pruning back the trunk greatly.

If the curry leaf is still one to two years old, only the first sprout may grow even if it is pruned. In this case, let’s grow a little and prune again from the end of autumn before spring comes.

Only very top bud grew after the prune

Hesitant to prune?

You will be hesitant until you see a successful example, but if it is a plant that has been growing for several years, new shoots will come out of the tip of the trunk even after hard pruning.

When pruning at my home

It is the curry leaf of the 9th year cultivated indoor in South Kanto, western suburb of Tokyo. There is no leaf below the lower branch point, so I made a plan in early March and did hard prune to the branching point. I was no exception to those felt nervous. New buds shoot out four weeks later.

before prune

before prune
Condition before pruning There are more than 40 cm from the ground to the branch with leaves
The strain itself is further extended by about 40 cm and is full of leaves

prune at 40 cm

prune at 40 cm
I decided the cutting height to 30 cm
I used a big scissors for garden trees for pruning

Use your arms to cut quite a bit >8 !

Right after prune right after prune
Immediately after pruning
Looks like a mere stick

After 4 weeks there are tiny new buds coming out!

剪定直後 right after prune
4 weeks after, shoot new sprouts (so happy!)

A month after prune a month after prune

剪定ひと月後 a month after prune
Six weeks after pruning

6 weeks after pruning. Buds were booming, and a shoot visible in the lower right has grown as well.