Please post your information about where you can buy the curry leaf plant seedlings or even grown plant, though BLOG PAGE. this page is unable to let guest to post. (name of shop, address including name of country and other contact information should be accompanied)


Sakata no tane garden center Yokohama Yokohama Kanagawa seedling

Mona no oka Sagamihara Kanagawa seedling (currently not available)

Kokkaen Izumi Osaka seedling

Ozaki Flower Park Nerima Tokyo seedling

Nihon Kaki Kawaguchi Saitama seedling

Shanti-garden Ishigaki island Okinawa selling seed and seedling

Aozora Marche Nagoya Aichi selling seedling online shopping only

Sri Lankan restaurant yum-yum kade  Hakusan Bunkyo-ku Tokyo seedling (currently not available)

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