Curry leaf is native to the tropics. In the case of planting pot cultivation in a temperate climate, excessive watering can damage the roots and cause rot. Avoid looking at just the surface of the soil to determine if watering is necessary. The dry condition of the surface of the soil is also a sign, but it is good to judge from the condition of the plant, the moisture in the invisible part of the soil, the weather forecast yesterday and today and tomorrow

If you get lost, it is better to wait one day. (Don’t forget to check the plant)

Observe the status of the plant

  • Aren’t all the leaves facing down?
  • Aren’t the young stems that were straight for a while ago crooked?
  • If the plant look like this image, it is possible that the soil moisture is considerably reduced

Remember the weight of the pot

Isn’t the pot lighter than before? Remember the how heavy it was when you gave plenty of water. If the water in the pot soil is reduced, the overall weight will also be reduced.

  • Stick your finger

If it is a large pot, it is difficult to check it with the pot by holding it. You could hurt your back when attempt to lift the pot. At that time, let’s put your finger a few centimeters (an inch) into the soil and check if the soil has some moisture. If it is still moistured, it will help you to decide to wait one more day.

  • Stick bamboo stick

It is easy to understand because the color of bamboo stick (bamboo skewer) changes when there is moisture in the soil. When inserting bamboo stick, if you feel resistance, then change the place to stick, as it may be hitting the root. The trace of the bamboo chopsticks is the water path.

Be careful not to damage the roots

Normally, water is supplied to the pots with curry leafs with a watering can, but since the amount of water that flows into it at one time is greater than that of natural rain, the potted soil becomes compressed. It is common for water to flow just along the bowl without soil soaking up he water. It can not be found unless the stock is pulled out of the bowl. It is effective to make a hole in the pot soil with a thin stick such as bamboo sticks.

Another watering measure

Consider reducing the number of waterings

Use a large, deep pot
Cover the soil surface with bark chips.
The amount of soil that can hold water can be increased by increasing the soil capacity. If the surface of the soil is covered with a bark, the watering frequency is likely to be further reduced. Bark is also sold in the gardening corner of the 100 yen shop (like a dollar shop).

Use of water from kitchen

We do not deny it in terms of saving water and reusing water resources. However, as it is water containing so-called fine garbage, curry leaf can not be taken in as fertilizer if it is not decomposed, so it is not recommended actively. The water after rinsing rice is thought to have been conceived because it may contain phosphorus from rice bran.

I think that it is better to consider about that point, because insects and mold may grow on the stuff mixed in water.

On the other hand, when cultivating like garden trees, there is a natural enemy even if the fungal balance and insects in the soil are attached, and because the environment is different from planting on a veranda, the range of utilization of domestic wastewater is different from direct use to the planting pots.