Curry reefs are native to the tropics, so it is desirable to take measures over the winter in areas with four seasons, especially in areas where the average temperature falls below 18 degrees for several months.

Greenhouse cultivation with heating indoors and veranda

Make the daily average temperature (ambient temperature) 15 degrees or more as much as possible.

In the veranda greenhouse, a heater is required in winter.

The minimum temperature should be 12 degrees C (52F) or more on a cold morning in winter. For that purpose, a heater for the greenhouse is necessary.

It is sold as an agricultural and horticultural material

Unless it is a fairly warm area such as Okinawa (southern island closer to Taiwan), the leaves of the previous year are likely to fade away by the next summer. (Because it is a matter of course that the leaves fall, you will not be disappointed)
Therefore, it is recommended to perform hard pruning from the end of November to the end of the year, and will promote sprouting next spring. In addition, strong pruning allows you to branch from the bottom of the plant, and as a result, you can improve tree appearance. See the pruning page for details.

Since the room tends to be dry and it is easy to get spider mites and scale insects to proliferate, please observe the back of the leaves and trunk of the plant once a week.

Veranda and outdoor cultivation where not kept warm

Over winter is possible outside the south Kanto, hardiness zone 9b area.
Direct placement on a concrete floor should be avoided in windy areas as temperature control is not possible
Limited watering to such an extent that it does not become overdried

Let’s prune before winter

Enables jump start when winter is over
See the pruning page for more information