Care every season It assumes the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere


In the case of southern Kanto where Tokyo is located, we will grow indoors or in a greenhouse with a heater from November to March. Though spring buds will be delayed, but depending on the location, it is possible to go over the winter on the veranda or garden with enough sunlight (for 4-5 hours at least). (The southern part of Kanto or the place of the same or higher temperature Hardiness Zone 9b or warmer)

Hardiness Zone map

Beware of dryness. It is easy to cause the occurrence of the spider mite.
Since the spider mite proliferate at the back of the leaf, check regularly whether there is a web type webbing on the back of the leaf and the growing point where the new buds are growing. (About once a week)

It is the best to prune by the end of February

If possible, prune from the end of November to the end of February to spread new shoots as soon as possible. Pruning is ideally done in November-December. Please refer to here for pruning.

It is better to size up the pot by March. (the deeper the better rather than larger in diameter)


When the average temperature steadily exceeds 20 °C (68 F), place it on a veranda or place outside of the room. The buds and shoots are soft because they have soft bottom where branched out from the trunk, and they get taken off easily. Laundry and clothes get hooked, and shoots and young branches can be broken off. Let’s be careful not to get the plant damaged. If in case the plant is damaged, take care the plant carefully and just wait as it is heading to the warm season.

There is a risk that the scale insects tend to proliferate at the same time when the plant is moved to outside. It is often found to be adult of the scale insects which were recognized as small spots on the trunk or branch. When the surface of the leaves are coated like sticky dew or honey, it is thought that outbreak of scale insects and aphids. Observe the back of the trunk, branches and leaves carefully.

In May, rising temperatures and increased transpiration due to growth of the plant will increase frequency of watering.


From May to August, cut or prune as needed to promote side buds. As the plant grow, it is also at this time that they can be used extensively for cooking and any other use.


If the average temperature drops below 20 ° C (68F) in October, the leaves can be maintained n the plant for another month or two by taking them into indoor or greenhouse.

Water the plant after checking the condition of the soil so that the water in the soil is not excessive.

In the case of indoor cultivation and greenhouse cultivation, you may start pruning at the end of November. When grown in temperate regions, leaves grown in spring to summer fall mostly in winter or by early spring, in areas with distinct winters.

Curry leaf leaves that are harvested when pruning can be frozen, cooked with oil and stored with oil, or used as curry leaf powder.