Don’t give up your curry leaf

It is already middle of June here in Japan and in north hemisphere. This is the time when you will find rapid growth of your curry leaf plant. But you migh have been wondering whyyou do not see your curry plant have not had new buds shooting, or all the leaves came out in the spring are gone. I can share your concerns.

剪定直後 right after prune

But it is too early to give it up.

  • No buds shooting yet

As far as I am aware from my experience and posts in our facebook group, some of the plants took 4 months to get new buds to shoot. You might be pretty much worried, but just wait for some more time. Just be careful not to overwater as to the plant is not taking moisture from the soil because most or all of the leaves are gone.

  • All the leaves are lost or leaves turned pale in color

If you let your plant stay outside during warm days in spring, then all in a sudden there comes a cold morning. The plant, especially if it is 1-3 year old, often plant gets sort of thermal shock and gradually loose its color from the leaves and the petioles drops from the stem.

But look at the growing point. If you find light greenish buds as small as sesame seed, it should be fine at high probability. Especially if your plant stem is 5-6 mm in diameter, there is high possibility to revive.

Just be careful not to over water until you see the some leaves.

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