My curry leaf plants (part 3/5)

My first plant I raised from a seed. It is really exciting but also become nervous until you find a seed germinated and started to make leaves.

Height from ground level 40cm
Size of the pot: 24cm in diameter, 20cm deep (Japanese Pot size 8)

I expected that the seedlings would grow well in the green house located in the veranda with heater, but this one was the only one survived. It is because of high temperature inside of the green house due to good solar load from sun shine which directly come in from lower angle in March. Since the green house is not ventilation equipped, its temperature inside become as hot as 45 degree C. Even though the plant is tropical area origin, such high temperature for the small seedling was too much.

Because the seedling grew well during its first summer time, I pinched the plant in the middle of August, which should deliver two or more new buds, but I got only one good healthy bud. There were a small second new bud, but it died shortly after. Later on, I did pinching one more time, but the result was the same.

Second overwintering was in the living room. It tends to allow the spider mites to propagate, therefore, I needed to make close observation time to time to where the spider mites tend to come and propagate. I laid bark chips on the soil to retain the moisture of the soil and to reduce watering. It had obvious benefit that reduced frequency of watering.

I kept the plant in the middle tier of green house during its 3rd overwintering. Temperature must have been adequate to let the plant retain green leaves throughout winter. In order to see how the leaves going to be, I did not prune this plant for its 3rd overwintering.

In the 2020 summer, after a few pinching, it made two good new buds which kept growing.

I am going to let this plant grow larger during 2021. I would do pruning soon, and upsize the pot by next spring. Also, it shall be in the middle level of the green house where result of 2019 overwintering was good.

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