Put some soil at the bottom of curry leaf plant seedling

This is one of my seedlings I sowed in October last year.

There are 8 petioles (8 sprigs with leaves). There are 8 leaves along the side and 1 on the top of petiole, total 9 at the most. Height of the plant is about 6cm (2 1/3inches)

Today, I worked on this seedling to ridge some soil around the stem.

By watering the seedling in a pot, structure of the soil is tightened and volume gets reduced. Depending on the growth of the root, the root might push the plant up, which expose the endosperm outside of the soil to make the bottom of seedling stem a little unstable. Thus, I add some soil around the seedling.

It is easy work.

Just add some potting soil, and compress lightly.

If the seedling is already grown in the big pot, or grown on the ground, just gather some soil around the bottom of the seedling stem.

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