Leave the pruned plant outside (experiment)

I decided to leave the curry leaf plant pruned 2 days ago (2020 February 3) in the veranda, as an experiment.

Reason being, as I have been growing this plant for 10 years indoor, but bore fruit only 3 times so that I thought it would be possible to have the plant sense the danger of its life which would promote flower bud initiation. What has triggered me to do so, was words from curry leaf growing expert whom I met last summer. “It must be because the plant has been kept indoor in winter. The plant should try to leave descendants when the are exposed to critical situation by blooming and bear fruits, right?”. It was really convincing.

I just remembered the statement right before I pruned the plant so that I decided to leave it outside for a week to get exposed to the cold ambient. The leaves were cut off and harvested, and it was obvious that the plant will overwinter in south Kanto region where Tokyo is, therefore one week should not be an issue.

It will be taken indoor after a week. Let’s see how it goes.

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