My curry leaf plants (part 1/5)

As of the end of October 2020, I have 5 pots of curry leaves.
(From left to right in the image, number 1 and 2… and on the far right is number 5.)

The first one here is Curryleaf No. 5, which was germinated and grown by seedlings in 2019. It’s only a year and a month after germination, and it’ has only experienced overwintering once. The same as Curryleaf No. 4, which I’ll talk about next time, the seedlings were damaged in early spring, so I cured them in half shade for the first time in summer.

Height from ground level 15cm
Size of the pot: 14cm in diameter, 15cm deep (Japanese pot size 5)
It should be a little smaller than the plants that are germinating and growing well at the same time (early October 2019)

The reason for the successful curing of the plant is that it has formed one long roots as you can see in this image, the first one will grow to a certain extent, so you don’t want to damage that root. and if this root is healthy, if you’re careful not to over-dry or over-water the soil or over-fertilize it, it’s more likely to be in good shape again in the spring or early summer when the upper leaves fall off or whatever.

The lower half of the trunk is already woody, but I don’t prune it ahead of the coming winter as the plant is still small.

The plan is to overwinter it in a balcony greenhouse or in a sunny room. Then, in spring 2021, I will increase the size of the pot.

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