13 months old curry leaf

Curry leaf that I grew in the seedling last year, and the situation after that. Click here for a blog post about the progress of the process.

The cold weather and the big temperature change in early spring caused a lot of leaves to fall off, so I put them in a semi-shady place to settle down. The low temperature, strong sunshine and dryness common in April often cause the leaves to fall off, but it is natural for them to fall off because they are already damaged as overwintered.

Then I potted it up and grew it on the balcony with the other plants, and the roots were growing pretty well, so I figured it wouldn’t die, and now it’s a lush, healthy plant, but it stumbled out in the spring, and it’s still small!

It’s now 18cm from the ground. Currently the plant is in a pot with 18cm diameter (about 7 inches), but I’m planning to increase the size of the pot next spring 
it will be its second winter, I plan to overwinter indoors or in a heated plastic greenhouse on a balcony. I will not prune it because it is still too small!

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