Get ready for overwintering

Outside temperature is getting lower

Curry leaf plant slows down its growth when ambient is lower than 15 degree C. Leaves turn to pale color and start falling off soon after.

Soon you need to decide that,
Like to use fresh leaves in winter time as well. >>> Bring the plant indoor

Leave the plants outside as to the leaves are preserved or frozen >>> Overwintering outside.

Bring the plant indoor

The plants should be brought indoor when low temperature of the day is getting below 15 degree C. Where I live, suburb of Tokyo where low of the day is a few degrees C lower than that of down town Tokyo where as closer to the sea, I will take them into the room around 15the of October at the latest.

If you have smaller plants which will have the first and even second winter should be kept inside as to such young plants are not so strong against cold ambient. However, it is important to be aware that indoor is drier and warmer that spider mites could propagate on the plant very quickly.
Please see more information from the link.

Overwintering outside

There are several ways to store the leaves you picked.

It is possible to hermetically store fresh leaves on the petiole (the part that looks like a branch) in the air tight container in the refrigerator for a few days.
If you want to use it for food, we recommend you to fry them and keep them in oil before storing it, as it has a relatively strong fragrance and remains well in the leaves. (Learn more from this link)
This is a video for reference. When you put it in the oil, it will make a loud noise and splash, but don’t be afraid, stay calm and you will be able to process it with no problem.

You can also dry roast the leaves, mix it with salt and grind it, or process it into South Indian curry leaf powder for long term storage.

Learn more about outdoor winterization here.

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