Pruned my curry leaf plant and thereafter

I pruned my curry leaf plant #5 with its single stalk on January 20th, and 4 weeks have passed since then.

The picture is taken before the hard prune the curry leaf. I wrote about the plant #5 in this page. Please also refer to this page about prune. I think that a lot of people who are hesitant to prune the curry leaf plant is not because about how to prune, but highly worried or scared to potentially damage the plant. If the plant has been grown for a few years in good shape, hard prune to fairly low level should be OK.

This picture was taken right after the hard prune on January 20.

I will upsize the pot in March.

On February 7th, 4 new buds were found to be shooting. There are 3 new buds in the picture. Upper 2 buds are forming petioles.

On February 14, top two buds were confirmed to be growing. I thought there might be some possibilities that all four buds to be growing equally, and as I anticipated, the top one is the most vigorous. Another bud below is growing as well, however, it is about a quarter size of the top one.

This is as of February 18. Only very top one could be growing from now and forward.

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