Prune a small curry leaf plant

I left my curry leaf #4 with over wintering three times so far, in a living room for some time because I was busy with myself. Then I realized that the plant with two branches had new buds shooting at the very top of each branch.

it is no good to leave as it is, so that I immediately pruned the plant.

Prune should be at where lignified (grayish brownish woody texture of surface)

What you need to do is simple and easy. Just take out your pair of scissors and cut the branches.

Because all the leaves are removed at this stage, there is no chance of moisture of the soil to be reduced by transpiration. Thus, you may not have to water for some time until the soil itself gets dried. Just be careful not to overwater as to the plant is still small and its roots are not fully grown to fill the pot, which might get rotten due to excess moisture of the soil.

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