My curry leaf plants (part 2/5)

This one is my Curryleaf No.4, the 4th oldest one. I purchased the seedling in 2018 March. It was a healthy seedling, but at the end of March, when daytime was quite warm, it lost its vigor due to the coldness of the night, and almost all of the leaves that had sprouted after germination were dropped. I found out that they are not susceptible to temperature changes. The picture below shows the wilted leaves in the lower part of the seedling that were overwintered and then died and fell off.


In any case, we put it in a pot and let it cure slowly in the half shade and it started to have new leaves in June

The growth of the plant was remarkable from spring to summer, and in the middle of the summer I picked the heart of the plant, hoping to branch it.

Height from ground level 24cm
Size of the pot: 18cm in diameter, 20cm deep (Japanese Pot size 6)

After pruning it in the summer of 2019, two buds have emerged and are now present, and the next spring I will prune the two split ends and size up the pot, and since it’s in a smaller pot for its growth, I am aware that I need to change it to a larger pot.

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