Ladybugs exterminated aphids on curry leaf plant

I have 5 plants in my verandah however one of them had so much aphids clustering around the growing points where new buds are shooting. The first picture shows how bad it was. I could use my fingers but the young buds are so fragile that I did not wish to give any damage to them.

Aphids cluster
A lady bug hunting the aphids clustering

Then I realized that I should make best use of natural enemy, lady bugs, which are naturally available in my vegetable garden.

A few days after the pot was placed in the garden

Currently a lots of lady bugs are around especially where lima beans are grown, and I left a pot there almost touching the lima beans plants.

One week after

One week after I placed the pot, aphids are gone! If you have garden, front yard or back yard where you can securely leave the plant for a week or so, this may be a effective idea.

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