Curry Leaf Seeds Sowing and Germination

Sow the seed after germination

I experimented two different methods. The first one is to promote germination (rooting) by keeping the seeds in the wet paper towel before sowing the seeds into the soil.

First, squeeze the seed from the flesh. Transparent film covering the seed does not have to be removed, it does not make difference to germination/rooting. Make sure keeping the paper towel moist by checking time to time, and keep the seeds in the temperature preferably above 25 deg C, but practically 20 deg C which I did, should be fine. Over damp by frequent watering to wet the paper towel may result in spoiling the seed.

Another method is to sow the seed directly into the soil in the pot. I started both methods on the same day, and got same result by finding the shoots from the soil on the same day. However, rooting in the moist paper towel may give you a little more confidence. There are a few multiple (usually twins) embryos, and you can find it once they root. You can carefully separate them with very little effort. They treat them as two separate seeds.

As soon as the rooting is confirmed, you should sow the seed in the soil before the root grows which will increase risk of breaking the root. Sowing process is just the same as sowing the seed directly to the pot soil as video below.

Sow the seed directly into the soil

This is to sow the seed into the soil in the seedling pot which comes with the seedlings. If you do not have any seedling pot, paper cup or any container that water can be drained will do the job.

It is recommended to sow the curry leaf seeds during warmer time of the year (average temperature close to 25 deg C), however, I obtained the seeds in October, for this time.


Nice to see the shoots

It is always nice to find the shoots pushing up the soil. It took much longer than popular vegetables in terms of the period required after sowing till it germinates.

2 thoughts on “Curry Leaf Seeds Sowing and Germination

  1. Great write up! We expect a fresh batch of seed from India next month and we’re going to try both methods! 🙂

    1. chi-take2 says:

      Thank you! Nice to have encouraging comment. Wish you successful growth of the new plants!

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