After overwintering in veranda

How nice it is to find new buds on my plant #2 which I almost gave up as to no buds shooting after overwintering in my veranda.

All of my curry leaf plants were kept indoor, but it was assumed to be the reason that I did not have flower buds for some years. So, I left one of them in veranda throughout the winter. I am hearing about new buds shooting from the plants overwintered in their veranda. I am not living too far from central Tokyo, and almost giving up the plant. But there was a ray of hope from one of the curry leaf experts who has most likely the longest experience of growing curry leaf plants.

Then I realized tiny green stuff even smaller than sesame seed in the middle of May. But waited in case it dies which I experience before. But it appears to be fine and a couple of others confirmed.

It is awesome!

Curry Plant Growers, at least you should not give it up until you go through May, or possibly even after that. Patience might another thing that you might like to have.

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