Pinch or prune ?

I often get to asked, “can my curry leaf plant be pinched?”, “pinch and prune are the two different things?” or “when can I pinch my curry leaf plant?”

They are frequently asked questions about taking care of the curry leaf plant.

Let me summarize them…

Pinch: cut off the growing point to promote side buds to shoot, while leaving rest of the leaves and stems as they are. By doing pinch, it should increase number of stems for more leaves.

I encourage the questioners to do pinching during summer time.

Prune: cut and trim stems and trunk, and even cut where closer to the bottom of the plant if needed, to promote new buds to shoot, without leaving much leaves and sprigs. By pruning, it can avoid the plant to grow excessively skinny and tall with leaves just on top of the plant, and the plant will look more robust and bushy.

Please visit a link to the prune page for more details.

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