After the prune ~ new buds shooting

My curry leaf #1 got new buds shooting 5 weeks after the hard prune. (<please visit a page with video!) Though I experienced prune many times, it just reliefs me as I find the new buds. I tested to find out if low ambient would influence “flower-bud differentiation” by leaving the pot outside for a week right after the prune. Thus, it took for 5 weeks to get the new buds but normally 3-4 weeks should be average time from prune till the buds become as big as those in the picture which is about 8 mm.

If you keep the pot inside, then 3-4 weeks is an average duration between the prune and confirming the new buds.

Right now, there are 9 new buds. They can be easily broken from the bottom where attaching to the stem. Just be careful not to damage them unexpectedly.

In this time of the year in northern hemisphere, where I live, Tokyo Japan, still have a few morning with single digit (in degree C) or below 50 degree F which could give negative impact to the leaves just shooting. Also,spider mites like to swarm on the growing point, the new buds, so pay some attention to the plant if you are keeping it inside.

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